Natural Pain Relief

Do you have nagging aches in your body? Are you looking for a pain relief that's natural, effective and non invasive?


The Goal at Connective Release is to help people overcome body pain naturally and permanently. Connective Release currently uses Active Fascia Stretch techniques to quickly and effectively change body pain through fascia stretching. Whether the body discomfort is associated with tightness, injury, trauma, or overuse, natural movement and assisted stretching can change your body pain. The lasting effects can help you find more mobility, increase flexibility and restore natural movement to your body.

What is Active Fascia Stretch?


What’s Fascia? Surrounding your whole body is a network of fascia, a sheet of connective tissue attaching and enveloping muscles and internal organs, giving your body its form. Repetitive motion, overuse or injury creates strain on the fascia, causing tension and pain throughout your body.



Rossiter Active Stretching can help reduce and alleviate pain. Stretching your connective tissue with a Rossiter trained coach can provide lasting relief from pain whether it's newly surfaced or been reoccurring for years.


The Rossiter System addresses body pain at the source, connective tissue or fascia. When this webbing of connective tissue inside you gets tight from overuse or injury it can shorten and be the cause of your pain. Connective Release uses The Rossiter System of techniques to decrease fascia tension and strain. These moves are quick and effective at changing your pain by removing it at the source. 



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