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Connective Release History and Inception

The art of taking care of yourself is dying. Do you ever feel encouraged to pursue and persevere all while ignoring pain increasing in your body. It is all too easy when on constant deadlines or financially lacking to put taking care of yourself as a low priority on your to do list.


In wanting to find ways to resolve pain quickly, efficiently and effectively Connective Release's owner, Kaitlyn Sullivan, was introduced to The Rossiter System. After working through her own chronic pain, Kaitlyn's Rossiter Coach became her instructor. Studying The Rossiter System and putting their techniques into practice to help spread the word and change people's pain in lasting ways. After the Rossiter System changed  Kaitlyn's life and her own pain the only reasonable path for her is to help others through their own healing journey. Inspired by the simplicity and success of the Rossiter System Kaitlyn continues in her pursuit of helping people reduce their pain and restore mobility to their bodies.


Rossiter Active Stretch is the perfect compliment to any healthy lifestyle.

What can it help?

The source of many body discomfort and pain comes from tightness in the body's connective tissue, or fascia. Through the use of The Rossiter System a conscious stretch of the connective tissue relieves pain at it's source. When you and a Rossiter-trained Coach use the Rossiter System - Fascia Stretching can address pain -  such as: wrist, elbow, shoulder, neck, back, hip, knee, ankle - by working together to release tight areas of your body.

The Owner

Kaitlyn Sullivan is a professional stretcher and advocate for body wellness and health. Her life goal is to help alleviate pain in any body she can. Her journalistic education encourages her to seek truth and share it with her captive audience. When Kaitlyn's not on a truth dissemination mission, she enjoys writing and reading poetry or screenplays. Kaitlyn received a BA in Journalism from University of Northern Colorado in 2015 and was certified in The Rossiter System Level 1, 2, and 3 in 2017.

Changing Pain- A Haiku

Fascia exercise

Restored quality of life

Rossiter Stretching

- Kaitlyn Sullivan, 2017

Fort Collins, CO

We are located on the South-East corner on Lemay Ave and Prospect Rd in Fort Collins but we also serve the Northern Colorado area with at home service when requested.

Our address is 1606 S Lemay Ave, # 102 B, Fort Collins, Colorado 80525


Colorado Springs, CO

We frequently visit Colorado Springs and when we operate out of Academy Art & Frame CO on North Academy.

7560 Academy Blvd N, Colorado Springs, CO 80920