Feet working is changing my life!

I have been working diligently with Kaitlyn Sullivan and the Yamuna ‘footwakers’ for the past month and am realizing some drastic improvement particularly in the ball of my foot pain callous.
Kaitlyn Sullivan is determined but gentle in her instructing of actions I need to take. I am appreciating and excited and the changes.

Kim Costello

“Live Free… from all your pain”

The amount of release and comfort I have felt since beginning Rossiter with Kaitlyn is pure bliss! I often wonder how I ever managed life and body pain before I began my Rossiter fascia stretching regimen. The relief is instantaneous and long lasting. My sciatica, tendonitis, and neck tension have decreased significantly; even more so than when I was visiting a chiropractor two to three times a week! I am looking forward to the long lasting effects as I continue my Rossiter journey – hands down one of the best NATURAL pain management options available. If you haven’t tried it your missing out!

Melissa Wagner

Runners Release of Tension

I am not sure the pictures do it justice as to all the work that goes into Rossiter Stretching. Not only is there work happening to you, you are participating in the stretch as well. The movement and pressure all work together to help release tension and relieve pain. Kailtyn has worked on me since the start of her journey with the Rossiter System, and I feel the release of the tension immediately after one session. The best part with Rossiter is the relief lasts for days at first then progresses to weeks of lasting relief after doing the stretches. One of my favorite things to do is set up a session before a big run and the day after. It helps me stay loose during my run and relieve any tension after a run.

Lindsay Bohlinger

A dynamic experience

I have pain in my neck and had restricted movement of my head from side to side. Kaitlyn was able to work with me and increased the movement and lessened the pain dramatically. I want to continue this program!

Kim Costello

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