Good Habits Means Unlimited potential

What habits do you have that are natural, rhythmically routine and secretly sabotaging you?

Are you someone who crosses your legs, or stands with your hip jutted out to one side?

Do you constantly twirl your hair on one side of your head with the same arm?

When you're driving a car, do you have your elbow up on the steering wheel?

What about your desk posture? Which way do you lean?

Do you hear the small requests your body’s making, asking you for movement? When it’s screaming do you stretch or go for the band aid fixes?

What if I told you that your potential is limitless?

Would you believe that you’re capable of succeeding at your physical goals?

What habits do you have now that you could change to achieve your potential?

What small, single changes, which you can make one at a time, do you need in order to work towards adjusting your routine and creating self discipline? Should you add a foam rolling stretch to your routine? Or maybe try that yoga class you spent months thinking about?

Where are you in relation to your list of priorities? Remember you only get the one body. It’s your only home.

Start the new year off ready, willing and determined. Remind yourself daily, “I can succeed, I will succeed.” In the words of Tony Robinson, “Turn your shoulds into musts.”

In the new year I challenge you to tap into your unlimited potential. Let go of the fear of your current stagnant state and embrace change. Be your best self.

Be well.

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