Why did I start using The Rossiter System?

Why did I start using The Rossiter System?

The Rossiter System of stretching workouts changed my life and my own body’s pain.
What brought me to Rossiter was simply extreme and chronic pain. The hopes that I could change it, eradicate it had me willing to try anything.
I was dealing with pain that held my wrists as though they were cuffed to a keyboard constantly increasing the tightness with each tick of a finger on a key. I remember feeling more like hot coals were searing into my flesh deeper everyday. With time the coals worked their way from my wrists to my shoulders and neck.
This pain grew into the kind of pain that grasped my skull and shot straight through it. Every day.
The kind of pain that prevents sleep every night and if you’re lucky enough to drift to sleep it’s the cruelty of pain that wakes you in the dead of night.
The kind of endless pain that I thought I’d be stuck with from old high school sports injuries, trauma from a rear end accident and chronic pelvic dysfunction.
The kind that overtakes your social life with self care management.
The kind I was told was permanent, lifelong and debilitating.

The kind of pain I didn’t even know I’d been living with until my own Rossiter Coach, My Wonder Woman freed me from it.

I swore I’d find relief from this pain. My experience with chronic pain had me retaliate with steadfast determination and with it I changed my body, my mind & my life.

When a friend suggested trying the Rossiter System, I had nothing left to lose, only new modalities I’d yet to try. After living with pain, and living through pain to the other side I now control my pain, I found my healing with Rossiter. I eradicate pain quickly. I have the ability to change how I feel. Seeing those I love suffer through pain of their own and knowing discomfort or body aches would be a constant in any life I saw no other option but to learn and use the Rossiter System. I now use Rossiter Active Stretching to help bring people out of pain and back into a life where they thrive. Having learned the Rossiter System of Techniques I know it is a gift and I must share this work. Natural, non-invasive pain relief is my ideal choice. Rossiter is what worked for me and plenty of other friends, family and clients. You'll never know how it can help you unless you try it. 


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