What the Heck is Fascia?

Surrounding your whole body is a network of fascia. A sheet of connective tissue attaching, enveloping muscles and internal organs gives your body structure.

Your body is filled with this substance. A thin sheath of fibrous tissue wrapping all of your muscles and organs. Mostly composed of water, it gives you your shape. All of your internal organs and muscles are suspended in your fascia. Your fascia is giving your body it’s shape, and holding your insides in place.

Imagine a spider that lived inside you while you developed from conception to human. This spider’s job was creating one enormous intertwined webbing that would encase every molecule within it’s host body. Disgusting and a pretty awesome visual right? If spiders are a fear trigger, fascia looks like a nightmare, so does the image just depicted. Knowledge of what this fascia creature living inside of each of us does, that it’s a contributor to how we feel gives us each power over our bodies.

If you want the less grotesque metaphor fascia is like a bubble wrap for all your internal body pieces. The more that we understand this fascia ridden human condition the better capable we can be of changing our own state of pain or discomfort.  

This fascia discovery is new and fresh in it’s science. There’s still unimaginable concepts surrounding fascia to be studied. it can change how we view the human body and how we address body pain.

Repetitive motion, overuse or injury creates strain on the fascia, causing tension and pain throughout your body.

Golfers swinging the same direction Sunday after Sunday. Tennis serves, mouse hands, leg crossing, driving a stick shift are all examples of repetitive movement that can cause tension in your body. Your fascia gets tired, over stretched and over worked. Then you feel pain. Your sheath of tissue is all connected, the tension in one area shortens its space in all the entirety of your body.

Eventually without movement and change the fascia gets tight and pain sets in. How do you fix it? You change it with stretching. Try Rossiter.





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