What Spices Are In Your Healthcare Routine?

Who’s in the metaphorical kitchen of your body? What advice are you seeking to heal and mend? Who do you have in your corner as an advocate for your physical/mental health and well being?

My own Rossiter Coach, Instructor and Mentor refers to healthcare as a soup. One spice couldn’t possibly create a robust, flavorful soup on it’s own so why use just one healer for the diverse variety of needs a body has?

Fascia, connective tissue, reinforces our knowledge that everything in your body is connected. At times you have a need for a specific healer who’s focused on one specific area or aspect of the body. If you’re not supplying your body with a well rounded variety of healing and movement to maintain functionality and health it's possible you’re lacking the help you need making your healthcare soup bland.

You may be thinking ”what about too many cooks in the kitchen?” In the analogy that your healthcare requires a soup, you’re the cook in your own kitchen and those you call on for information, advice and medical direction are your seasonings. Your body belongs to you, your say in how it’s treated is final. You decide what your body’s healthcare soup is composed of.

Finding the right healers, those who align with your goals, is what makes the best healthcare soup for you. Not everyone’s a team player or the right fit for your team at all. That’s OK. You get to choose, you’re the chef, it’s your kitchen and your body.

Variety and change are good for the body. Stagnant, repetition is how the Rossiter System believes we get into a body pain place to begin with. Rossiter changes the body’s pain by alleviating tightness and tension in the connective tissue while restoring mobility through movement.

Rossiter isn’t here to replace the modalities you already know and love. Rossiter is a new addition. It may be a spice your healthcare soup has been missing and it can add a flavor you need to try.

Your body needs a well rounded variety of healing to maintain its robust flavor of feeling good and fully functioning, just like your soup needs a variety of flavors to meld together to create one final masterpiece.

Try Rossiter and spice things up.

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