What’s Your Excuse?

Do you ever hear yourself making the “but there’s not enough time” excuse?

How often?

Are you doing it knowing you should re-prioritize YOU and what you need higher up on your “To Do” list?

Do you even realize you’re letting yourself fall to the wayside?

Does your brain ever retort to your health and fitness goals with “I don’t feel like it right now” as an excuse. Are you procrastinating?

Do yourself a favor, STOP using the “but there’s not enough time” excuse, and stop allowing you to put taking care of yourself off. Don’t let your needs & health become a low priority because of EXCUSES.

What if I told you that it was incredibly important to learn about your body and yourself?

What if I told you the only true vessel you ever have and the only thing you have control over is how you treat your own body? Would you take time for self-care then? There's never going to be enough time if your priorities are so backwards that you would rather survive in discomfort or  in pain then try and thrive in your own body.

I’m going to tell you right now that unless you change and allow yourself to receive the self care you need you’ll never be satisfied.

Pretty presumptive right? Is it though? Think about it. You’re stuck in your body for your entire life. Why be anything other than as comfortable as you can be while you’re inhabiting your body?  You get one in this lifetime, shouldn’t you love the one you get?

Make taking care of yourself a priority. That means getting to know and listening to your body’s individual needs. You are responsible for maintaining your own ecosystem and filling the role of caretaker for yourself.

What there's really not enough time for is guilt associated with self neglect.

There’s not enough time for nightmare type suffering that makes it impossible to be comfortable in your own skin.

There's not enough time for pain.

That's what the truth is,  there's not enough time to feel like a beat up meat sack of misery and self disappointment.

Pain doesn’t have to be your end game. You can find comfort in your own skin again if you start today and work through your pain. Really resolve yourself to mend your body. The longer you wait to make yourself a priority the harder it will be to make the changes you need to care for yourself. The more you procrastinate the easier it will become to make excuses and succumb to your dissatisfaction with your current state. Success in your health goals can be in your future if you choose it.

Turn your “I should” attitude into an “I MUST.” attitude. This means not listening to the negativity inside you saying, “you’ll start next week.” Make it a habit now! All it takes to start is 10 minutes a day. Commit to yourself for 21 days, that’s all it takes to build new habits. Make taking care of your body a routine. Start somewhere and build upon it one piece at a time.  You’re 3 weeks away from conquering your new healthy habit goal. You can achieve them all, one at a time, be persistent.


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